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Ahmad Louis
Merti Megawaty
Raden Hairul


The rapid development of information technology and information systems in the current era of globalization has made almost all aspects of life unavoidable from the use of computer devices. One of the greatest needs for information technology is the need for information systems in schools. Information System is a collection or arrangement consisting of hardware and software as well as their implementation personnel who work in a sequential process and mutually support each other to produce a product. This incoming and outgoing mail archiving information system aims to change the way mail is stored in a hard file into a soft file archive. This incoming and outgoing mail archiving information system makes a good contribution to agencies. The software used in making this correspondence application uses xampp to run the web server, MySQL for database management. The implementation of the incoming and outgoing mail information system displays the interface, namely: the interface of all users and the interface of other officers. Information systems for filing incoming and outgoing mail can make outgoing mail faster and more efficient, entering incoming mail data. Providing a means of storing mail archives, so that they can be managed properly. This information system can be accessed and run on localhost.

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