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Bravo Aro Cardova
Reny Wahyuning Astuti


In the modern era like today, the development and advancement of technology are growing rapidly which affects various aspects of life in a society which require everything to be done quickly, precisely, and accurately, especially in the field of information systems, information is effective throughout the world. Information systems help everyone and provide convenience, effectiveness, and safety for their users. One of them is the boarding house rental information system, the boarding house is one of the lodging service providers or temporary living quarters, besides that the information system also helps boarding owners to promote their boarding house. The research objective is to determine the system that runs, design, and implement a boarding house rental information system in Defira Kost. This research was conducted by making observations, interviews, and literature study in the planning stage. This system was developed using the Java programming language and utilizing Google Maps and GPS. For programming software using Android Studio with MySQL database on XAMPP. The results of making the Information Application and Ordering Boarding Boarding Based on the Android Operating System is to make it easier for the public and prospective boarders to get information about boarding or can order boarding online. Thus this application can be useful for residents of the community, prospective residents of boarding houses, and boarding owners.

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