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Harmoni Siregar
Novhirtamely Kahar


The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world, especially Indonesia starting from the end of February 2020, has caused many people to need health care, so that at this time, health workers are required to work extra and the risk of disease transmission is high, therefore the government provides incentives to officers health as an incentive to support these activities in the form of money, in the distribution of these incentives, a decision-making system that is more effective, fast and on target is needed in order to accelerate the disbursement of funds according to the specified ceiling and the preparation of incentive data reports period. Therefore, researchers designed a decision support system for covid-19 incentives at Port Health Office Jambi Class III which is considered important to assist the administration section at Port Health Office Jambi Class III. In the Port Health Office Class III Jambi, incentives disbursement activities use the manual method, namely by recording using excel. This is what underlies the research at the Port Health Office Jambi Class III. In conducting research, the researcher uses several research methodologies, including field research as the main source in obtaining input data such as information on incentive recipient data for data processing purposes on the system, ceiling, and object of assessment. This application was built with the support of PHP, and a MySql database with the final result in the form of reports and data information on the recipient of the covid19 incentive value at the Port Health Office Class III Jambi. Furthermore, the application that has been built is expected to further assist the Port Health Office Jambi Class III in building the initial foundation of digital data archives. From the results of the study it can be concluded that this application was made with the aim of helping the Port Health Office Class III Jambi in processing data related to the Decision Support System.

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