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M. Handaga Alan
Lucy Simorangkir


Having a building and accommodation facilities is an extra value for the Education Quality Assurance Agency (LPMP) in receiving non-tax state revenue (PNBP), initially the buildings and accommodations contained in this institution were only used as facilities and infrastructure which included activities within the scope of the institution's work. In itself, in recent times, decisions and policies have been made by policies on the use of existing buildings and inns to make them more useful. At LPMP Jambi Province, data processing for building and lodging rentals is done manually, the manual processing is not finished in its implementation, reservations for lodging or building facilities for manual activities are running, online-based information systems are thought to help process data processing for building and lodging rentals at the LPMP office Jambi, with an online database-based method, the design of the reservation information system can make it easier for managers and customers to access the buildings and inns that are arranged.

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