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Risa Puji Cahya
Sukma Puspitorini


One of the technologies currently developing is computer technology. This has made computerized systems increasingly implemented by agencies in all fields, both private and government agencies. This is related to jobs that are usually done manually by humans, which will be faster and more efficient when done with a computerized system. The Civil Service Police Unit (SatPolPP) is a government agency that has a duty as a public servant in the field of city / provincial security and control. However, for public service facilities, public reporting using electronic media does not yet exist so that people report directly to the service office. There are several services at the Jambi Provincial Civil Service Police Work Unit, namely the service of peace and public order, regional legislation, community protection, community control. In 2019 the civil service police unit of the province of Jambi already has a website issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) but the website is still internal in nature used by the civil service police unit so that the website does not yet have public services in the field of reporting and information about Police Units Pamong Praja Jambi Province. This causes frequent errors in the data processing system that is still manual, such as recording in the agenda book, filling in the form provided manually by coming directly to the office so that public reports often experience delays because making community reports must come directly to the Sat Pol service office. PP and filling out the report data, the process is still very slow, the book data is not controlled. Therefore, the Civil Service Police Unit is in dire need of an information system that processes public report data which is expected to facilitate the public reporting process to simplify reporting and work, be accurate, and efficient, to reduce and even eliminate errors that may occur in the data processing process. With the existence of problems in the old system based on the purpose of this study, it is proposed to be able to use a computer tool using Web programming with PHP and MySql programming languages ​​as a database that has public data input, complaints and complaint categories that will be processed into command data. and the action of complaints by the civil service police unit of the province of Jambi with the outpot of the complaint report.

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