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Scheduling subjects in a school can support, expedite, and enhance the quality of a school. Subject scheduling generally functions as an activity to improve the quality of teaching for teachers and students in order to create discipline in school performance activities. Along/with the increasing hours of subjects that require accuracy and speed in processing data, it can also speed up time. In general, teaching scheduling data processing for teachers at SMP Negeri 9 Muaro Jambi is still done manually and schedule mismatches often occur because the teacher is absent so that a computerized information system is needed where everything can be completed correctly. For that we need a system that can determine the scheduling of subjects, so that there are no conflicts with other teaching schedules. The application is designed to consist of several pages, namely the main page, teacher data, subject data, class, and teaching time. Application design using PHP programming and database design built using the php MyAdmin application, in making the teacher teaching scheduling system carried out completely as needed in SMP Negeri 9 Muaro Jambi.

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