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Ragil Bayu Rasul Liyanda
Reny Wahyuning Astuti


Decision Support System for Awarding Scholarships at SMP Negeri 10 Muaro Jambi District Using the SMART Method is a Decision Support System to assist schools in making decisions in scholarship selection. SMP Negeri 10 Muaro Jambi which is located at Km.15 Tri Jaya Hamlet, PondokMeja Village is one of the state junior high schools. The purpose of making this Job Training is the creation of a Web-Based Scholarship Decision Support System. Making this application is done by collecting data, system planning, system analysis, system design and database. Making application programs developed with PHP. The database used is MySQL. Input requirements for the Scholarship Award Decision Support System are student data, criteria data, and sub-criteria data. The process requirements required are: the assessment process, the process of printing scholarship recipient data, and the process of input, update and delete. The resulting expenditure data is in the form of information that will be displayed, among others: student data reports, and data reports per semester. With the new system that has been designed and created by researchers, it can help facilitate the parties involved in selecting scholarships.

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